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Allegro Italia

AllegroItalia Hotels & Resort introduces a new concept of Italian hospitality, which recalls the overall charm, luxury and well-being of Italy. The hotel chain is continuously growing and has been operating for five years with two brands: AllegroItalia Hotels & Resorts is the upscale brand. It has properties all over Italy: in Turin, Milan, Rimini, San Gimignano (Tuscany) and Gargano (Puglia). We are also the first chain of Italian hotels to operate in Guilin (China). Espressohotel is the economy and midscale brand. It has two dynamic properties in Milan. The idea came from Mr Piergiorgio Mangialardi, the president of the hotel chain, who, with the collaboration of Fabio Vigitello and the AntoItalia partners, also came up with the unique management style of the hotel. The hotel chain is made up of properties that stand out due to their style, colour scheme, customer experience and traditions. The AllegroItalia brand offers its guests a surprising experience with its welcoming atmosphere, art displays, music, culinary experience and entertainment. These elements will treat all of our guests’ senses and satisfy all of their needs while taking them away from their frenetic lifestyle. AllegroItalia is extremely professional and looks after its guests with elegance and […]

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